Geotechnical Instrumentation & Monitoring: Services &Types

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Geotechnical Instrumentation and Monitoring are a sub-branch of Geotechnical Engineering. Geotechnical Instrumentation refers to the various sophisticated instruments that are used to monitor geotechnical structures, sites, and the environment. Geotechnical Instrumentation and monitoring play a significant role in the success of any construction project. You can think of it as a huge umbrella that shades all the prominent construction projects ranging from tunnels, high-rise buildings, deep excavations, boreholes, to airports, seaports, railways, dams, and bridges.

The geotechnical monitoring can be done for both the short-term as well as the long-term safety of the structures. Geotechnical Monitoring is essential pre-construction, construction stage, post-construction as well as in the dilapidation stage.

Here we are going to talk more about the geotechnical instrumentation and monitoring along with all the different types of instruments and services that Encardio-Rite has to offer.

What Is Geotechnical Instrumentation?

The word ‘Geotechnical’ is made up of ‘geo-‘ and ‘technical’ which means anything specifically related to the earth. Hence, geotechnical instrumentation refers to all the different sorts of instruments that are used to monitor the earth, structures constructed over it, beneath it, and on it.

The geotechnical instruments include inclinometers, piezometers, tilt meters, beam sensors, joint meters, crack meters, strain gauges, pressure cells, load cells, plumb lines, borehole extensometer, magnetic extensometers, seepage measurement, reservoir level meter, seismographs, portable readout units, an automatic data acquisition system etc.

What Is Geotechnical Monitoring?

Geotechnical Monitoring goes hand-in-hand with geotechnical instrumentation. For instance, whenever a structure is planned, a proper surveying of the construction site as well as the nearby site is carried out. It’s essential to check for the soil profile and groundwater level before constructing any structure.

Once the construction work begins, continuous real-time monitoring is carried out so that the structure is made as per the expectations. Even after the completion of the project, constant monitoring is being done to check for the structural changes.

All these processes are termed as geotechnical monitoring.

Geotechnical Instrumentation And Monitoring Companies

There are several companies around the world that deal with the Geotechnical Instrumentation and Monitoring. Remember, that there’s a huge difference between civil engineering or a construction company and a Geotechnical Instrumentation and Monitoring company.

One such company is the Encardio-Rite Group. Established in Lucknow, India in the year 1966, Encardio-rite Group is a World leader in safety monitoring providing geotechnical instrumentation, structural & environmental monitoring along with geodetic surveying solutions. Over the years, Encardio-rite has become an established brand for its specialized services with high-quality products and innovative online solutions.

Encardio-Rite provides the most comprehensive range of services and products including data collection, database management, complex monitoring, surveying, installation, supply and calibration of geotechnical and geodetic instrumentation with in-house developed advanced software.

Facilities In A Geotechnical Instrumentation And Monitoring Company

Any Geotechnical Instrumentation and Monitoring company must have precise, reliable, and accurate monitoring as well as instrumentation services. When it comes down to structures, we can’t take a chance with its quality..[Continue Reading..]



Encardio Rite

Established in India in the year 1966, Encardio Rite is a world leader in safety monitoring providing geotechnical, structural monitoring solutions.